Gatekeeper Chronicles

D&D Session March 22, 2016

DM: Justin

  • portal led to unknown area
  • Kargosa found a map and note from Sensei Belthomais. Requested us to go to town of Loudwater and find Wilibur. Asked to keep the map secret.
  • We found that the portal led us to the Forgotten Realms!
  • As part of the plane shift into the FR, all of our non-magical metal items were transformed to wood, and any faith-based powers (read: clerics) no longer worked.
  • Met Willie on the road, Allen’s new PC. Willie was part of a caravan that was attacked by goblins. Only he survived.
  • We met a woodland guide, named Evermoor, who offered to lead us to Loudwater, which is a day and half travel away.
    • He informed us that the area is ruled by the Lord’s Alliance
  • While travelling to Loudwater, we encountered some goblin scouts with warg mounts. We attacked and killed them. Evermoor informed us that the goblins have a camp not far from here. Since these were the goblins that killed Willie’s cavaran, we decided to raid the camp and kill the goblins.
  • We found the goblin camp. We busted in, killed some goblins and their chief, but ended the session after the big battle.
    • Carric was able to use his cleric powers again, but didn’t explain how.
    • We still have the entire cave system to explore, and possibly more goblins to fight….


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