Gatekeeper Chronicles

Adventure Session March 8, 2016

DM: Jonathan

Sensei Belthomais sent our party to kill some stray mind flayers who were terrorizing a city. The githzerai had an understanding with the coven of mindflayers, coven broke away from the hive mind of other mind flayers, so they had to be killed. We hunted down the mind flayers, but in the process of killing them started a great war between the gith and mind flayers.

We returned back to Tal’Tavin under attack between gith and mind flayers. Tal’Tavin burned down. Sensei Belthomais sent Mariko and other survivors to a “safe place” (we have no idea). The gith then sent us to a different unknown location. And that’s where we left off…..


natestar natestar

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